Cute dog or puppy photos

This thread is about your cute fur baby. Feel free to share you pictures!

So cute! My family, who I live with in the summer, has a yellow lab named Cooper. He isn’t the best socialized so he doesn’t pick up on social cues very well from other dogs, but since he is a lab his only intentions are to play. Sometimes he gets timeout though if he tries to play too rough with our Aunt’s senior cocker spaniel.
I’m on here to try and find myself a dog for September now that I am independent and moved out (half of the time at least). I’m excited!

That’s so exciting! What breeds are you considering?

I’m still looking… The most popular searches that seem to fit what I’m looking for is a seemingly endless list of doodle breeders haha. I am doing tons of research, because I really need the right dog. I plan to make a post on here about that soon to see opinions of anybody active on this site. Planning to ask Reddit too, maybe…

A pomsky is a good breed. Very cute, fun, playful and intelligent. Maybe a golden retriever too. Would you buy from a breeder or rescue?

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Either one, though I am looking for a trainable dog, so of younger age most likely if from a rescue. I just made a new post with tons of information on what I am looking for and what my lifestyle is like.

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