The Latest on Puppy Prices

Hi breeders, just wondering if your puppies are selling well or if you’ve had to lower prices to find new homes?

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January and February are always slower months, I think even more so now as everyone’s costs are up…but it takes until about mid to end February for people to “recover” from the holidays.

Ok thanks for the reply. Hope things pick up in a month or so

Hi everyone, I’m new to this site. I have a litter of puppies that are 9wks old now and have only sold 1. I don’t have any other interest. I understand why, now that I see this is not the time to sell. Really don’t know what to do. I’m afraid if I lower the price too much, I will just attract people that will want to buy so they can turn around and re-sell. Any advice?

I have the same issue. My pups are 8.5 weeks old and I still have 5 available. Going to leave price the same and wait a few more weeks. Hopefully sales should pick up in February

At what age do they become too old and people are no longer interested?

Depends on the size and breed I guess. I think smaller breeds people don’t mind age too much but larger breeds it’s probably better to sell them quicker

This seems to be a problem with anyone breeding dogs especially purebreds. Unfortunately, most breeders do need to drop their prices or the puppies will not get the training and socialization they need at the right ages. However, dropping prices may still not get your puppies homes either so hard call to make.