Time for a new pup

Hello. We are starting our search for a new little buddy, to keep us fit and laughing in our retirement… Our last guy, Silas, left us almost a year ago, at 15 yrs. old. We have always had rescue dogs, mixed breed, but it is terribly hard to find a small dog at a rescue, and unfortunately that is what we must have this time around , as we plan on moving to a condo in the next few years. Does anyone know of any reputable breeders, or any recommendations of where we might find a small puppy in Alberta? We are not looking at pure bred, and prefer a mix. Looking at Maltipoos/ bichon x/ havanese x/ etc. I welcome any thoughts or referrals! Thank you kindly…great site.

Welcome! Thanks for joining our forum. How small of a dog are you looking for? 20 pounds or smaller?

Yes…preferably around 10 to 15 lbs when full grown.

I know some breeders of purebred dogs but if you’re looking for a mix I’m sure one will pop up on this site.

We would love a recommendation for a breeder, and will definitely keep an eye on this site. Thank you so much🙂

for sale

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